Earn Bitcoins in Your Favorite Browser!

Earning BTC can be affordable and convenient. You no longer need an expensive hardware or special apps: any device and browser will be enough! Set up your first Pool Miner with just a couple of clicks to get up to 20 million extra hashrate on any hardware. Your Bitcoins are already waiting for you, but they won't wait forever!

Start Earning

Universal Solution to Earn

Mining at Any Speed
Configure Pool Miner to suit you and choose exactly the speed of mining that you want
No Hardware
There is no need for special hardware for high-speed mining. You already have everything you need
Safe and Secure
Always stay relaxed, knowing that your crypto income is well protected and only under your control
Income Management
Fully manage your Pool Miners to achieve your desired income. All the tools are in your hands.
Easy Withdrawals
Withdraw your earnings any number of times a day without commissions or additional fees.
No Apps
No downloads or installs! Control your mining from any browser and any device.

That is Easy to Start

To activate Pool Miner you only need to follow three simple steps.

Sign in your account to access mining dashboard from any web browser and device
Choose hashrate and duration of the Pool Miner and complete the purchase
Enjoy stable income in BTC, withdraw without commissions at any time

Test Drive Tokens

All tokens from the Age of Eggs, Age of Eggs II and Love Vibes collections are participating in CT Pool Test Drive — each one will give the user access to new features and BTC income. However, all tokens in the collections have different hashrates — choose the speed that interests you and enjoy all the opportunities!

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Special Mining Packages

Get your mining up to a Pro level! Pro Miner Package is the most profitable plan that allows you to multiply your BTC. Each package is available with an incredible 50% discount.

300 kH/s 3 Months
Discount -50%
1 MH/s 3 Months
Discount -50%
1.5 MH/s 3 Months
Discount -50%

Age of Eggs: Your Own Mining-RPG

The Legend of CryptoTab: Age of Eggs collections have been released and now CT Pool Test Drive is in full swing! Don’t miss your chance to earn BTC, get valuable prizes and be the first to try new features in CT Pool. Each Egg will provide you with fantastic hashrate even without Pool Miners, as well as valuable CryptoTab tokens with each level up!