The Legend of CryptoTab: Age of Eggs

Old school magic awakens in the heart of CryptoTab Kingdom. Ancient artefacts of incredible power begin to awaken from their slumber. Age of Eggs is a collection of unique tokens that hatch right on the marketplace, bringing new tokens to their owners. Each egg hides a valuable token from CryptoTab's official collections. But that's not all, as the egg can be recharged and hatched again: as many times as you want!

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Explore New Features

Each egg in the collection has several functions. From the moment of purchase, the hatching process begins. The egg's progress is displayed directly on the marketplace: users can see both its level and unique changes online! At the end of the hatching process, a valuable prize is revealed. But eggs do not lose their value after hatching! Raise their level to recharge and restart the hatching process! This will earn you more and more tokens!

Explore new features
Live eggs on unique smart contracts
Hatch tokens
Hatch eggs to earn valuable tokens
Repeat over and over
Level up your egg and repeat the hatching process over and over again

Token Preview

Age of Eggs are two collections of unique tokens (10,000 and 1,000) that hatch right on the marketplace, bringing valuable prizes to their owners. Each egg hides a valuable token from the official CryptoTab collections. The first Age of Eggs collection is based on Polygon, the second is based on Ethereum and consists of the most powerful tokens!

One user can only own one pack of eggs (10 tokens)

It is necessary to provide everyone with an equal opportunity to try out these unique NFTs.

How to Start?

Earn Bitcoins, get valuable tokens, try new features during the whole hatching process... Any token from the Age of Eggs collection can do it all! But how to take advantage of all these features? Nothing could be easier!

Buy token and start hatching

The process of hatching begins immediately after purchase. You become the owner of the token and that's it! The hatching process starts automatically - no need to connect the egg, register it or do anything else.

Hatch Egg to Get Valuable Token

The hatching process begins automatically the moment you become a token owner. When the hatching time has elapsed you will receive a valuable NFT from the CryptoTab collections, which will be sent to your wallet automatically. No extra steps, smart contracts in action!


Earn tokens while you have the egg

Each egg in the collection will give you a new token at the end of the hatching process. You just have to log in to CT Pool and connect your wallet. The hatching will start automatically and you will be able to repeat it over and over again, just by using Level Up Token!

Connect Wallet

Step 1. Token and mining in CT Pool

Buy token from Age of Eggs collections on any of the popular marketplaces with a multimillion audience. For example, on the world's most famous marketplace, OpenSea. Connect your wallet with the token to CT Pool and start mining to get the most out of it from day one.

Open Dashboard About CT Pool
Token ID is the #0000 number at the end of the token name.
From 0 to 9999
From 1 to 10000
Token ID is the #0000 number at the end of the token name.
From 0 to 999.
From 1 to 10000

Level Up Your Tokens

Have you already received a valuable token and has the egg successfully hatched? This does not mean that it has lost its value! After all, you can level up the egg all the way to level 99! And with each level increase, the hatching process will start again and you will get a new valuable NFT! Moreover, the higher the level of the egg, the more likely you are to get the rarest NFTs from the official collections!

Hatching completed
Use Level UP token
Egg is recharged and ready to hatch

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CryptoTab: Age of Eggs
Collection of unique tokens providing income in BTC
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